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Requisitioners, namely the ERP’s end user that wants to create a purchase requisition of any kind of material or service, are always struggling with the limited ERP’s native search capabilities.
These limitations have huge impacts in costs and procurement processes efficiency:

  • Low adoption rate of blanket contracts
  • Maverick buying
  • Proliferation of duplicated SKU with increased frozen inventory capital
  • Unnecessary sourcing activities that overload the Procurement Department

Creactives Matcher is a Virtual Assistant, that can be embedded in ERP’s transactions and provide to each Requisitioner enhanced search capabilities by understanding his Natural Language.
Creactives Matcher is based on Machine Learning technologies, extended with a large knowledge base of industrial domains. 
Creactives Matcher supports Requisitioners to easily find the material or service they are looking for, independently from the language, the words used to describe the item, and the way those materials have been coded.